In-house Upgrades 2021

Cabin 4 overhaul is complete with new bathroom, hardwood floor, furniture upgrade and fresh coat of paint. All of the sewage piping from cabins 12 to 16 has been upgraded. We installed new large light fixtures in the dining hall. Expired oil tanks were converted into large fire pits – great for bon fires. The house in Wolseley Bay where guests park cars has been repainted and signage has been added.

New purchases include a new tractor – very handy at the island but also on the mainland to help with snow. New picnic tables for outdoor dining and new chairs for the new deck. We added another fishing pontoon boat to our fleet.


Completion of the electrical upgrade is paramount. We will take it a step further and continue to replace light fixtures.

I personally would like to continue with bathroom upgrades and hardwood floors but to prevent Ed from going into cardiac arrest, we will defer this to the following season. Those of you who know us as a couple will be chuckling right now, some will be howling. All kidding aside, we took on a lot this year and we anticipate a busy upcoming season so we will put together an action plan at this time next year to continue with bathroom and floor upgrades