French River Fishing at Cranes Lochaven Lodge in 2019

Record high water meant a record walleye bite with some day life catches of 60 to 100. It is no wonder the pike and musky were also active in the deep current. As the water level dropped the walleye got bigger and the bass had a good spawn. When the water temperature started to rise so did the weeds We had more cabbage and broad leaf this year which made top. Water fishing for bass, pike, musky a lot of fun.

By mid June the water level was ideal and the bass had a really good spawn. Overall plenty of small mouth were caught this season once again. 

Last season we wrote about an increased improvement of submerged weeds due to the absence of the invasive watermilfoil weed. We will expand on this because we see a further improvement in the pike fishing and believe this is a key contributor, specifically in September. Jimmy and Jennifer Cassity from Georgia nailed them. Their approach was to target areas with 4 – 9’ with cabbage under water. Here are some of the pike Jen caught in a short period of time and a nice walleye.