Fishing in 2023 & 2024 FMZ Zone 11 Fishing Regulation Changes

Walleye – was, shall we say “non-traditional”. There were more numbers in the weeds summer and fall. It is not uncommon for walleye to shift from weed beds to deeper water as the weather cools. But we discovered that many stayed in the weeds. Many trophies were targeted in current and deep water. But if you wanted multiple walleye, weed beds was where you needed to be. We are thinking that due to the extreme heat wave, trophies were way deep.

Pike – fishing was definitely up in numbers with several in the 40 inch class.

Musky – There were several catches but no record trophies. There were lots of good follows, chasing lures and fish being reeled in, mostly bass but they were also chasing walleye and pike. Sue and I went for a boat ride one day in July and sat on top of a nice one under the Chaudiere bridge. I threw everything at It but it would chase nothing. It was so close I lightly tapped it with an oar and it took off. Guides were reporting musky were everywhere; under rock shelves, in current and weed beds but were not always hungry. Interesting to report there were more tiger muskie than any season in the past. Lochaven did not produce any musky over 48”. When checking our records, this has not happened since

Bass – fishing did not disappoint. Guides reported good action with top water bass fishing.

Miller boys reported more perch than previous seasons which makes for good good forage.

Changes to Zone 11 Fishing Regulation (French River Exceptions), effective January 1, 2024.

  • Bass: slot size removed
  • Musky: Limit 1 minimum 137cm (54”) – with sports licence only
  • Walleye: slot revised from 40cm (15.75”) – 60cm (23.62”) to 43cm (16.93”) – 60cm (23.62”). sport limit 4, conservation Limit 2
  • Pike: Sport limit is 4: none greater than 86cm (33.86”), one only between 61cm(24”) – 86cm (33.86”); Conservation limit is 2: none greater than 61 cm (24”)

No changes to opening dates

  • Walleye, Pike, Bass: May 18, 2024
  • Musky: June 15, 2024